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So Excited, 2 First Place Awards

So Excited, 2 First Place Awards

Since my last post on myself I have been enjoying along with fellow artist some small classes of instruction. I am always interested in improving and learning new techniques from other artist.
These were on display and voted on at the Huntington Beach Art League on Main Street Huntington Beach
I have won 2 First place awards for “Beach Holiday” and “Ankle Deep”.. So very proud of the recognition.

"Beach Holiday" Giclee prints for sale Oil on canvas
“Beach Holiday”
Giclee prints for sale
Oil on canvas






Very Blessed, Randy Higbee 6×6 showing Immediately sold

Very Blessed, Randy Higbee 6×6 showing Immediately sold

I was so blessed at the Gallery Exhibition opening of Randy Higbee 6×6 showing of artist from all over the country. My mom had just passed away that week and went home to be with the Lord. That is the sad news, but the good news is that she knew I was entering this exhibit and was so excited for me. Well with her being my inspiration of becoming an artist in the first place, 2 out of 3 of my paintings sold in the Pre-Opening show. When I got there for the opening event, I was brought to tears that the Lord had blessed me in this way. I know my mom and the Lord had a conversation.
Thanks Mom, I love and Miss you very much, just like you said I would.

White Daisy’s
6×6″ oil
Sold $400.00

Peaches & Pansies
6 x 6″ oil- framed
For Sale $ 400.

Randy Higbee Gallery 6″x6″ exhibition Sold all 3 !

Randy Higbee Gallery 6″x6″ exhibition Sold all 3 !

I am happy to say that it has always been a dream of mine to be part of the Randy Higbee Gallery 6″x6″ exhibition. I had 3 pieces accepted into the show. Pre-Opening Night I was blessed to have 2 of the 3 sell. I can’t even tell you how over joyed I was and so blessed. My mom Hope had just passed away the previous Sunday. I truly feel she and God had something to do with it. Thank you Lord, and mom for blessing me.


Evening tide in Carmel
$400.00 SOLD







6×6″ Oil on board
For Sale $400.00

For Sale
6×6″ Oil on board


By the Sea

By the Sea

I am excited to share with you my most recent works of art that have a relationship to the sea.


Young girl playing on the beach with her yellow bucket in her flag swimsuit.  She is my pride and joy.  She and her brother were playing on the beach on the 4th of July weekend.  This was a special day for them.  They lived inland and don’t get to enjoy the beautiful local beaches to often.  A single mother of two allowed me to photo graph her daughter in hopes that one day I will paint her.  I did, and at the Huntington Beach showing, this painting was one on display.  I presented the mother with a photo giclee copy on canvas.  It was a wonderfully emotional moment for all.  This painting has always brought to me high raves and compliments that it is their favorite in the show.

“Beach Holiday”
Giclee prints for sale
Oil on canvas



This was done in remembrance of my 1st trip to Maine where my Grand Father lived. Camden Maine Harbor. Done in oils on canvas.

Camden Harbor,ME

This beautiful Southern California sunset was amazing in itself, but seeing the silhouette of this man enjoying his hobby of surf fishing I had to capture it. I was lucky enough to capture him in the light of the sunset. This is painted in acrylic paints on canvas. Normally I only paint in oils, but recently have been giving acrylics a chance to change my mind. I find that I am a totally different artist when using acrylic paints vs oils. This is my second painting in acrylics.

Sunset Surf Fishing

This little red dinghy was captured in the harbor of Bolboa/Newport harbor in southern California.
This was my first attempt at acrylics while at the beach. My husband was out surfing and I thought I would spend some time doing my favorite thing to do. I brought down my acrylic paints and a board that I had previously drawn this image of the red dinghy. I was really impressed with my brush strokes and colors of this painting. I am very proud of it and it really seems to be the crowd pleaser. A real favorite of all who see it.
It is currently hanging in the Huntington Beach Art Center on main street. I am not really wanting to sell it, but of course if the right price is offered I will consider it.


Red Dinghy










This painting of the two children standing at the shore watching their feet sink into the sand with each wave that came to wash up to them. The two children are cousins, the young man was having to wear his older cousins trunks and hat because he did not have his own trunks or hat when the family decided to go to Huntington Beach for a beautiful fall day. I love to paint the innocence of children. Life is not tainted, and everything in life is a wonderland.
Painted in oils on canvas.


Low tide was done from a photo I took in Nantucket in the fall of 2013. It is a 6×6 on canvas,
I did it on 6×6 because the is a local show that only 6×6 paintings can be entered. I love to paint to sea and anything that related to it. Right now I am in the “DINGHY’ phase. My family has now stated to call me the Dinghy lady. Ha ha..

“Low Tide”

Most of my painting are welcomed to be purchased in Giclee prints on canvas or paper. Can also be custom ordered to most of the sizes that you specify.
If you have any inquiries as to sizes available in a specific painting please email or contact me.

Event; Huntington Beach Art Walk

Event; Huntington Beach Art Walk

Hi, would like to let you know that the 3rd Wed. of each month

Huntington Beach,Ca.  has their monthly art walk. “HB ART WALK”

This allows local artist the chance to show their art work.

I’ll be there this August 15th.. Main street,  See you there


My Bucket Painting

As an artist I am always seeking out new techniques and tips for oil painting. I had my first art exhibit in June,2012  at the Huntington Beach Art Walk.  It was a lot of fun having people you don’t know give you positive feed back.

I am now blessed to be taking  a class with an infamous artist Andrea Mosley she is Amazing!  Thank you Andrea for this opportunity to glean more tips and techniques for oil painting.  I am excited to see how my painting will improve from what I have learned.

My Angel and Boy painting is named “My Bucket” into the Yearly Night of 100 Angels” contest Exhibition in Laguna Beach.

It was accepted and will be showing at LCAD/ Whelen Galleries.
If your in Laguna Beach, Calif. here is the event infomation.

Date Event – July 14- Aug.6
Location – 2222 Laguna Canyon Rd. Laguna Beach, Ca.

Join me at the exhibit.

Blessings to all,

Taking classes with Patrick Whelan.

I’m so excited for Friday’s, I am beginning a new level of my art, I’m taking  a class with Patrick Whelan , art Master; Google him and check out his work.  Come join his classes on Monday’s and Friday’s if you want to improve your art to a higher level.